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Janice is presently accepting a limited number of clients while she writes her next book. If you would like to work with her, please fill out a contact sheet and mention which of the following services you are interested in.


Individually designed sessions help a client gain clarity on their life and/or business vision and overcome obstacles preventing them from realizing their highest good. Examples of challenges include creating a vision and strategic plan, managing overwhelm, leveling up a business, feeling more joy and self-confidence, writing, and publishing a book.

Members in a mastermind help each other achieve their aspirations and resolve issues through a facilitated process. Depending upon the group’s make up, members may have a shared focus, such as leveling up their businesses, writing and publishing books, marketing their products, or personal and professional growth.

Destiny Circle Workshops
Groups of approximately 8 individuals meet monthly to explore their destiny and purpose as delineated in Destiny Talks: The Ultimate Guide to Connecting to Your Purpose (hyperlink) and the accompanying workbook, Find Your Purpose: The Destiny Talks Workbook. (hyperlink)

Executive coaching for non-profit and company managers.

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