The Ultimate Guide to Connecting to Your Purpose

Imagine—if you no longer had to wonder how to build a meaningful life. If you could wake up every morning and know that amazing life experiences await you. Destiny Talks takes you on a wondrous journey to discover your purpose.

World-renowned spiritualists—the Dalai Lama, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and others—teach you why you were put on this earth. Destiny Talks provides tools for you to realize your highest destiny. And the secret to finding this destiny doesn’t require you to embark on a regimen of self-improvement...


It merely asks that you become more of who you already are.


Start your journey today.


This free PDF contains the writing prompts from the chapters in Destiny Talks: The Ultimate Guide to Connecting to Your Purpose. Your answers to the questions will provide insights to your destiny and purpose. For more extensive exercises, prompts, and inspiration, check out Find Your Purpose: The Destiny Talks Workbook.


About the Author

Janice Gregory is a certified coach, numerologist, Passion Test facilitator, and an oracle card reader. She earned her B.A. from Harvard College and her M.P.A. from the Harvard Kennedy School. She lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts.