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Destiny Talks

The Ultimate Guide for Connecting To Your Purpose

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Janice takes you on a wondrous journey to realize your highest purpose.


Your success lies in unleashing your unique gifts. Most of us are somewhere on the journey of understanding our true selves and freely sharing these gifts.  As we gain greater appreciation for ourselves, we experience profound, exhilarating, joyful times.


Life, however, throws obstacles on the path of sharing our gifts and realizing our purpose. We can be overwhelmed by life choices, whether they concern managing a business, job, relationships, health, finances, time, or numerous other concerns.


Janice helps you navigate these challenges as you create a deeply meaningful life. Success and happiness await you on the journey.

Destiny Talks

The Ultimate Guide for Connecting To Your Purpose

Packed with wisdom and references from world-renowned spiritual leaders—the Dalai Lama, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and others—Destiny Talks takes readers on a wondrous journey to discover their life purpose. This virtual mentor and an accompanying workbook provide tools for personal growth, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

In a clear, engaging style, Destiny Talks, describes the trials and joys of the author’s quest to find life’s meaning. The author inspires readers to follow a path of success, high self-esteem, and joy. She also recognizes the potential difficulties in the journey and provides techniques for overcoming limiting beliefs, a lack of self-confidence, and challenging events.


Destiny Talks appeals to those who are seeking to create a meaningful, joyful life. The secret to finding their highest destiny does not require a regimen of self-improvement. The secret requires only that they become more of who they already are.


The gentle, wholistic wisdom on these pages will linger long after you close the book. Destiny Talks will change your life for good.

Start your journey today!

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Find Your Purpose

The Destiny Talks Workbook

Record your soul’s journey in Find Your Purpose: The Destiny Talks Workbook. Choose the very best destiny you can imagine, one that honors the essence of who you are.

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Individually designed sessions help a client gain clarity on their life and/or business vision and overcome obstacles preventing them from realizing their highest good. Examples of challenges include creating a vision and strategic plan, managing overwhelm, leveling up a business, feeling more joy and self-confidence, writing, and publishing a book.

Members in a mastermind help each other achieve their aspirations and resolve issues through a facilitated process. Depending upon the group’s make up, members may have a shared focus, such as leveling up their businesses, writing and publishing books, marketing their products, or personal and professional growth.

Destiny Circle Workshops
Groups of approximately 8 individuals meet monthly to explore their destiny and purpose as delineated in Destiny Talks: The Ultimate Guide to Connecting to Your Purpose (hyperlink) and the accompanying workbook, Find Your Purpose: The Destiny Talks Workbook. (hyperlink)

Executive coaching for non-profit and company managers.


This book is so honest…
Janice Gregory is an exquisite storyteller and writer…She has created a warm, affirming on-ramp to self-discovery, transformation, and self-actualization.

- K. Benway

Such a great resource for gaining clarity.
First of all—Destiny Talks is well-written. All too often books like this are tough to read as the authors aren’t good writers. Gregory is an excellent writer. What I loved about this book is the range of suggestions to clarify your purpose. There are so many paths to finding what’s next and in this book, I found so many great
resources to explore…

- E. Rogin

A gentle, holistic guide for a fulfilling life.
I’ve been a student of happiness for a long time. Maybe I kind of thought I knew it all. Destiny Talks took me by surprise. …In her characteristically gentle and uplifting way, Gregory guides us through the ages, the saints and sages, toward a deepened wisdom and understanding of life and of ourselves. By getting to know ourselves, recognizing our desires and intentions, taking responsibility for our deeds, we can be satisfied in our skins and our lives…
Because Gregory is honest and straightforward, this is the most real, most useful guide I’ve seen on how to create the life you want. The ideas she lays out for you are not about self-improvement. They are about self-knowledge, going inward, finding the truth. Read this one, engage with her prompts, dig deeper with the workbook. You will be glad you did.

- M. Black

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